The Department of Landscaping and Irrigation Systems Development Service welcomes cooperation and solidarity with all specialists in this field and from outside it, including architects, landscape architects, designers, consulting offices, managers, water resources, engineers, construction contractors, and others, by developing initial concepts for implementing projects and following up on implementation at all stages of the project. For operation and maintenance.

The work of the team developing cosmetic crops and irrigation systems at Al Nakheel Company covers a large sector of projects, including the industrial sector, the graduation sector, commercial complexes, residential complexes, resorts, private and public gardens, and entertainment centers, where the project work is divided into two parts:

1: Civil works for cosmetic plantings, such as kerbstone works and paving works for paths, garden furniture, addition works, decorations, fountains and waterfalls, walls of agricultural ponds, car parking shades, children’s garden toys, public restrooms inside the garden, and seating areas for gardeners, all of this. It is carried out under the supervision of designers and civil engineers with long experience in this field.

2: Cosmetic agricultural works, including the work of preparing the soil and adding amendments and fertilizers to all types of plants used in this field. The crops are irrigated with modern irrigation systems, taking into account not to waste the use of water, as this organization aims to provide the amount of water required for each plant according to its type without excess or Decrease.

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