Specialized in landscaping, irrigation and infrastructure projects

Bringing growth, creativity and expertise to the market

About Company

*Company address (Al-Rai – Fourth Ring Road – Building No. 56).

* We have more than 900 employees and workers, with a total capital of about 5,239,900 KD.

* The company was established in 1982 and has been listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange since 2002.

Our Specialization

* Supply, construction, and installation of greenhouses.

* Production and marketing of various types of indoor and outdoor ornamental plants.

* Importing and trading veterinary medicines, obtaining agencies, opening and operating veterinary clinics and centers, and practicing the profession of veterinary medicine.

Contact us

Al-Rai – Al-Mashatel – Fourth Ring Road – Block 1 – Plot 56

P.O. Box: 1976 Safat – Postal Code 13020 Kuwait

Tel: 24730745

Main Gallery – External 201 and 205

Veterinary and fodder market: 24712480

Fax: 24718903

Email: info@palms-kw.com




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