The Commercial Department specializes in trading, importing and obtaining commercial agencies for agricultural, plant and animal supplies, while providing technical and guidance support for marketing to our customers in homes, private companies and government agencies through our following exhibitions.

  1. Agricultural plant supplies

Al Rai Main Exhibition
Old irrigation gallery
Wafra Gallery
Abdali Exhibition
Garden Center
Abba flowers


2. Veterinary and animal supplies

Wafra Pharmacy
Abdali Pharmacy
Jahra and Kabd Pharmacy
Al-Rai Pharmacy
Al-Irrigation Clinic – Animal Equipment and Supplies Exhibition

3 Government and private tenders and supplies department

The Commercial Department directly supplies all agricultural, plant, and animal supplies to government agencies and large companies through the Tenders Department

4 Projects

The department is implementing the following projects
Design, construction, installation, maintenance and management of greenhouses of all types
Design, installation, implementation and maintenance of modern irrigation projects
Management and supervision of livestock and poultry farms
Production and manufacture of feed for all types of animals
Management of veterinary dispensaries and clinics

5 Veterinary projects

A project to vaccinate, number and register all animals in the regions of the State of Kuwait in cooperation with the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries Resources

Feed supply project for the General Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources

Feed supply project for horses in the Military Sports Federation Directorate – Ministry of Defence

6 Purchases and stores

The Commercial Department insures all the company’s purchases, both external and local, and is responsible for managing and maintaining the level of its existing, constantly renewable stock of more than 13 thousand items through our warehouses in Amghara, Wafra and Al-Rai. Our stock is classified according to the following groups.

Pesticides and agricultural chemicals

Chemical fertilizers

Soil additives and improvers

Greenhouse equipment supplies

Greenhouse agricultural equipment supplies

Plastic sheeting and misinformation nets

Outdoor plants

Natural and dried flower arranging supplies

Indoor plants

Irrigation systems and equipment

Agricultural and mechanical equipment

Manual agricultural equipment

Seeds and bulbs

Veterinary medicines, vaccines, feeds and concentrates

Animal production supplies

Plastic pipes and fittings

Plant growing beds

Furniture and equipment for private and public gardens

Spare parts for agricultural equipment and appliances

7: Credit and collection

The Commercial Department is affiliated with the Credit and Collection Department, which opens credit accounts for customers and collects invoices for all departments of the company

8 Agricultural Textiles Laboratory

It is affiliated with the Commercial Department, and the current focus is on the production of date palms, especially the Barhi variety, as it has great economic feasibility compared to the production of fruit trees and ornamental trees.