Al Nakheel Company’s garden center is distinguished by its distinguished location, as it is easily accessible in the nurseries area. It is located directly on the Fourth Ring Road in the Al Rai area, where the company’s main headquarters is located. Our many and varied displays cover all the needs of private gardens and the needs of contractors in this field, including unique indoor and outdoor plants from Its species is on display at the exhibition and in the homes of its reserve

The center’s sales team is distinguished by full experience and knowledge in this field and is fully prepared to provide scientific and practical advice to our valued customers.

Contractors specialized in this field will find all their requirements, including plants, fertilizers, medicines, seeds, agricultural equipment, manual and mechanical agricultural machinery, materials for modern irrigation systems, all types of pumps, foundation materials for greenhouses, various valves and connections, etc. (all that Mentioned but not limited to.

Al-Nakheel Company is considered one of the main companies in the field of retail selling natural and dried flowers, as they are coordinated by our professional coordinators in this field at the company’s Al-Abeer Flower Exhibition.

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