The Projects Department is the company’s implementation arm and plays its role in pricing and bringing projects through its team of managers, engineers and technicians with experience and good training in the techniques and arts of irrigation and landscaping, which includes modern systems for controlling irrigation and extensions and selecting outdoor plants appropriate to the atmosphere of Kuwait. Hardwoods or indoor plants in artificial soil, which the projects department implements in an artistic way to reach the satisfaction and satisfaction of project owners.

The activities of the company’s projects department have varied from the stages of design, implementation, maintenance, and irrigation network work for private housing, commercial complexes, entertainment centers, private sector projects, and large government contracts. Design managers and designers follow up on coordination with project owners in the field of improving design performance using the latest computer programs and when the design is approved. Irrigation and landscaping engineers undertake implementation and maintenance work for projects, in addition to irrigation and landscaping works. The department has the ability to carry out earthworks, which include paving and preparing the site with systems, signs, night lighting, and various formations, providing water works, fences, prevailing walls, parking lots, halls, bathrooms, guard rooms, asphalt roads, and walkways. And other works.

The Projects Department has a special department for operating horizontal tunnel boring machines with the latest machines and control devices at the hands of a technical team specialized in these devices and using the latest devices and equipment to survey services and determine tunnel pipes. Due to the high experience and convincing cost, the company’s Projects Department has been able to gain the trust of major companies such as Mohamed Abdel Mohsen. Al-Kharafi, the Commercial Real Estate Company, Al-Kazemi Company, the International Building Company, the Mabanee Company, tourism project companies, the National Bank of Kuwait, the Abraj Company, and the Sheraton Hotel in Kuwait.

The Department has also implemented projects for some major entities such as the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries, the Ministry of Works, Social Affairs and Labor, the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, the General Secretariat of Endowments, the Kuwait Airways Corporation, the Ministry of Defense and Kuwait University. The success of the Department is due to its conviction to pay attention to the smallest details and its embrace of the integrity of creativity. It has decided Management will continue this approach to achieve greater and continued success.

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