We invite collaboration with planners, architects, landscape architects, water resource managers, engineers, civil building contractors and other professionals, beginning with the inception of built projects, through their implementation, operation and maintenance

PAPCO’s site development landscaping and irrigation services for industrial, forestation, office and commercial complexes, housing compounds, resort complexes, public, institutional and private parks, amusement centers and playgrounds and other similar projects include:

  • Hard landscape (i.e. site civil works –paving, site furnishing systems, site furniture, signage, night lighting and sculptural elements, fountains, pools and other water features, boundary and retaining walls, car park shade structures, pavilions, restrooms, guard houses and other structures), supervised by professional landscape architects and civil engineers.
  • Soft landscape (i.e. soil preparation, trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, grass), including xeri-scapes (landscape design for arid climates, employing water conserving drip irrigation systems and drought resistant plants