Commercial Division range of activities encompasses of acquiring trade agencies, importation, and commerce marketing support by technical and extension services, responding to the need of our clients offering them whole and retail sales through number of outlets distributed within Kuwait


Grand Rai Show Room

Private companies Serve, Householders hobbyist

Old Rai Show Room

Wafra Show Room

Professional farmers Serve

Abdali Show Room

Grand Show Room

Exotic interior and outdoor plants

Al-abeer flower shop



Wafra Veterinary Pharmacy

Abdali Veterinary Pharmacy

Jahara Kabeed Veterinary Pharmacy

Al-Rai Veterinary and animal husbandry requisites show room

Animal Fuel Factory

Serving livestock

Poultry Farms

Pet Animal Hobbyist

Equestrian Requisites



This section engages in tendering for supply of all government and large companies requirements and also execution of the following projects:

Design execution and maintenance of green house/conservatories projects

Design execution and maintenance of the irrigation network

Farm management for animal keeping, greenery and vegetable production

Animal vaccination operation projects

Veterinary clinic and hospital operation projects



The Commercial Division allocate and procure all materials requirement for the company from local and international market, thus keeping and maintaining large stock for more than 13,000 items in our warehouise/Premises located at Amgara, Wafra and Al-Rai areas. Our stocks are categorized into the following groups:


Fertilizer and growth promoter

Irrigation materials

Indoor plants

Seeds and bulbs

Hand tools

Spare parts

Animal Husbandry equipment

Soil – amendments

Green house and accessories

Pipes cover and shading materials

Outdoor plants

Floral arrangement accessories

Mechanical and electrical equipment

Veterinary drugs and vaccines



Tissue Culture of date palm has many advantages over traditional offshoots propagation. The main advantages are: large scale multiplication, production of disease free plants, economically more feasible when large production is required

To meet the ever increasing need for date palms in Kuwait, the company established its own tissue culture laboratory in the year 2004 with capacity to produce 50,000 plants per year. The lab is technically guided by a distinguished tissue culture expert, and is being managed by a PHD from a prestigious agriculture university

The lab has started production of Berhi variety by Somatic Embryo-genesis method, with emphasis on Direct Somatic Embryo-genesis which avoids callus formation. We are planning to produce various popular varieties of date palms and fruit plants