List of Principal Suppliers with Agency Agreement:

S.No Company Name Products Remarks
1 Al-Hilal- Jordan Veterinary Medicine Legalized Agreement
2 Coophavet- France Veterinary Medicine Legalized Agreement
3 Cz Veterinaria S.A – Spain Veterinary Medicine Legalized Agreement
4 Dramiński Electronics in Agriculture – Poland Scanners Legalized Agreement
5 Dox-al Italia SPA – Italy Veterinary Medicine Legalized Agreement
6 Dyntec spol. s.r.o – Czech Republic Veterinary Medicine Legalized Agreement
7 Fatro S.P.A – Italy Veterinary Medicine Legalized Agreement
8 Fitco Industries (London) Ltd. – UAE Irrigation Materials Legalized Agreement
9 Goldoni- Italy Tractors & Spare parts Legalized Agreement
10 Monsanto Holland B.V – Netherlands Seeds Legalized Agreement
11 Preserve International – USA Chemicals Legalized Agreement
12 Special T Products Ltd. – UK Veterinary Medicine Legalized Agreement
13 Syngenta Agro – Switzerland Pesticides & Chemicals Legalized Agreement
14 Through Summit Agro International Ltd., Japan Pesticides & Chemicals Legalized Agreement
1) Nippo Soda Co. Ltd., Japan
2) Mistsui Chemical Agro. INC
15 Synbiotics Europe ME – Lebanon Veterinary Kits Legalized Agreement
16 Vita Europe – UK Pesticides Legalized Agreement


S.No Company Name Products Remarks
1 Cambridge Glasshouse Company Limited – UK (Hotbox International Ltd. – UK) Heatwave Panel & Greenhouses Agency Letter
2 Gardena – Germany Garden Tools Agency Letter
3 Scotts B.V- Holland Fertilizers Agency Letter
4 Shaco – Egypt Poultry Equipment Agency Letter


S.No Company Name Products Remarks
1 Agrico- Holland Seed Potatoes Verbal Agreement
2 Albert Kerbl GmbH – Germany Veterinary Equipment Verbal Agreement
3 Bomba Elias S.A. – Spain Water Pumps Verbal Agreement
4 Hauptner Herberhotz – Germany Veterinary Equipment Verbal Agreement
5 Hutek Asia Co. Ltd.,  – Thailand Cooling Pads Verbal Agreement
6 Intraco Ltd., – Belgium Feed Additives Verbal Agreement
7 Koudijs Animal Nutrition B.V – Holland Feed Additives Verbal Agreement
8 Maino Enrico-Adriano S.n.c – Italy Incubators Verbal Agreement
9 Mervue Laboratories – Ireland Feed Additives & Nutrition Verbal Agreement
10 Nuova Pasquini & Bini Srl – Italy Pots Verbal Agreement
11 Pagano Costantino- Italy Seeds Verbal Agreement
12 Planasa – Spain Strawberry Seedlings Verbal Agreement
13 Plastika Kritis Green house Films Verbal Agreement
14 Valley View Industries – USA Landscape Edging Verbal Agreement
15 Watron Technology Co., Ltd., – Taiwan ID Transponders Verbal Agreement
16 Wuxi Sunli Artificial Grass Carpet Co. – China Artificial Grass Verbal Agreement
17 Zoopan S.A. – Portugal Feed Additives Verbal Agreement